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leadership: change managementIt is my profession, and my passion, to inspire people to take the lead.

In the narrow sense, this means: I coach, counsel and train people whose roles imply that they lead others.

In a broader sense, it means: I accompany people on their very personal path of leadership, in their personal process of living up to their potential.

My other passion and core competency, no less so than the first, is to connect and align people.

In the narrow sense, this means: I consult with companies when it comes to organisational and cultural development, to achieve smarter networking, interfacing and efficiency.

I coach and train groups of professionals in leadership roles in such a way that they profit from each other at least as much as they profit from me.


All this I do from the vantage point of the elder

It is the role of the elders to support leadership in the younger generations – because they are responsible for the future. Every process of development and change, if it is going to be successful, requires eldership. Conversely, without eldership, change tends to be war.

This is probably your greatest benefit if you choose to work with me: effective change – dynamic, but peaceful.

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