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I have stressed it before: in open-enrolment seminars, when there are no day-to-day dependencies between participants, I obviously have the chance to work on a deeper personal level.

This is particularly useful when the issue is not just to acquire a role and its corresponding capabilities, but to grow personally beyond the confines of what a role dictates - as a person to really explore one’s own potential and how far it goes.

At the moment, I offer the following courses and seminars:

Accredited Coaching Programme

In collaboration with abb-seminare, 4 – 6 modules of 5 days each. Accredited by DVWO.

On the basis of the ground-breaking 5-Edges Process Model.

There are thousands of coaching programmes, millions of tips and tricks and techniques and tools. What are the features of my approach that encourage me to be quite unapologetic about the specific quality of wat I can offer you? Apart from qualifications, experience and personal integrity, all of which should be taken for granted?
More than anything, it is two things …

More elaborate information in the brochure.
More on terms, conditions and application here.

Coaching Clinic - Persons, Roles and Relationships

2 days

A two-day workshop geared to explore problem-solving strategies in professional and personal communication –for people who work with people and who want to do it effectively and responsibly.

Initially, it had been our intention to frame this workshop as an introduction to our coaching programme, so that people had the chance to get to know us and how we work, to facilitate their decision whether to embark on the extensive programme.

Then, we quickly discovered that this was really too boring …

More on terms, conditions and application here.

Tough Love - Relational Leadership

3 parts of 3 days each

This programme is the sum total of 25 years’ work with people in leadership positions – through consultancy and training, through coaching and guidance. It is also the sum total of a lifetime of work on myself, the unearthing, the shaping and honing of my leadership profile.
In my book Tough Love, I have expounded the reason and rhyme of my relational approach. In the seminar, together with my participants, we put things into practice, in a dynamic and inspirational fashion.

More on terms, conditions and application here

Working on Yourself in Real Time

In collaboration with abb-seminare, 3 days

How to work on yourself in difficult public situations while they happen, so that you neither flee nor attack, neither succumb nor retaliate, do not allow others to trigger or antagonise you, but remain in the relationship with presence and awareness - so you can continue to work professionally and effectively.

More elaborate information in the brochure.
More on terms, conditions and application here.

Watch this space for future open-enrolment programmes ...


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