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All my courses revolve more or less closely around the central issue of leadership – taking the lead. Small wonder, because my understanding of the nature and mission of leadership pervades everything I do.

The mission, and the promise, of leadership is to align people’s better sides: "the better angels of our nature". All of the relationship work that we do in the name of leadership (Tough Love) serves this aim. To be able to fully do this work, it is good to have an idea of one’s limitations and within these to have developed one’s full potential.

This already summarises all of the contents and formats I use and convey in my seminars:

I give you the tools for this relationship work with others and yourself. My pragmatic approach results from the fact that it is equally important to me to inspire you as it is to harness your own experiences and resources to inspire each other.

There is really only one difference between my training programmes, and that is due to systemic context: In my in-company courses, I tend to relate everything I do to your specific organisational and cultural world. In my open-enrolment courses, I am free to work on a deeper personal level.


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