I think I have tried to understand the world since I was eight or nine. I do not remember my exact age, but I do remember it was a mid-December evening, and that I was out on the meadow next to our house talking to my sister before we were going to be summoned for dinner. I remember that whilst talking, I looked up and became aware of the magnificent star-studded night sky above me. For the first time, I was deeply shaken and moved by the mind-blowing fact that all these nocturnal lights were in reality suns at a very great distance from me! Up until that moment, I had only seen tiny sparkling lights. Not a very original story, but that is how it was. That was the beginning.

Ever since then I have been fascinated by what does not meet the eye but dwells behind what is apparent. Or maybe it is actually apparent but so much taken for granted that nobody even notices it. I have been following and investigating these hidden patterns since then, in everything that is human. Individual, collective, systemic, linguistic, artistic, philosophical, cultural. All of it an attempt to transmogrify myself from being exposed to trying to expose. A Renaissance Person, really.

I like to think of myself as an anthropologist, an explorer of all things human, as it were. At the very core, I am a researcher. I really want to understand.

And I do not identify with answers as with those questions that the answers are precarious echoes of. In this spirit, and from this vantage point, I research, and I write. And, of course, driven by the desire to share my questions and my preliminary answers with you lot.

This matters to me very much: if you want to share something with me, a resonance, an idea, a response, a question – do feel invited. I look forward to every attempt to connect. Within sound ethical reason, of course.

In due course, there are going to be more releases on applications of the concepts first outlined in the Bulky Book. In the pipeline, there is more groundbreaking stuff on Coaching, Eldership, the dynamics of trans-generational transformations and so forth.

Aloha, Rainer ('rainmaker' - what a compelling leitmotif!)

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