For years now I have been collaborating trustfully with abb when it comes to designing and organising my open-enrolment seminars. At the moment, these are the Coaching Programme, the workshop Working on Yourself in Real Time and the training programme 'Tough Love - Relational Leadership'.
Especially Albert and I go back a long time, but it is also the memories of exciting and dynamic training days that unite us, and a shared set of values.

Albert is also a member of Wandelforum.

in persona – Elke Schlehuber

Elke spans a whole era in my life. I have developed my theory and practice in collaboration and deep dialogue with her. Not least she is the co-author of the Bulky Book.

Currently, the only thing we offer together is the workshop Working on Yourself in Real Time, but we are in the process of developing our own brand of a 'collective intelligence' programme. Watch this space ...

Elke, too, is a member of Wandelforum.


Das Wandelforum is only just going on-line. A club that I am actually a member of. A group of people devoted to the dialogue between individual and community.
So that each of us may develop their potential and we together create a world in which our children can be strong, and free, and bound. Wandelforum is going to be an important platform for my non-commercial activities in the years to come.

albert glossnerAlbert Glossner
elke schlehuberElke Schlehuber
peggy kammerPeggy Kammer

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