As a leader, you are sitting (or dancing, cf. above) on the fence between the world at large and the interior of your unit. It is your mission to steer your organisation through the world, and to organise collaboration on the inside in a way that lets you reach your destination.

Every so often (more and more so recently) it becomes time to re-orchestrate working relationships in the organisation:

define processes, clarify roles and responsibilities, purge waste, become leaner etc. All of this in such a way that takes into account the cultural peculiarities and even harnesses them as resources for the changes to be made.

What I can offer you

After a thorough exploration and analysis, I design with you an OD project which is built on my conviction, and my experience, that the most amazing things become possible once people start talking with each other.

I moderate the pivotal workshops and plenary events and make sure that things are solved where they should be solved, and that there are no unnecessary victims of change, but shapers on all hierarchy levels.

And that the ‘soul’ of the company thrives.

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