Conflict is another of these difficult issues: Nobody likes it, and often it is avoided so long that it becomes too late to solve it. But if you actually manage to confront and process conflict together, it is invariably a liberating and strengthening experience – individually and collectively.

What helps is another simple fact of life: there is no change, there is no evolution without conflict.

Every conflict contains a potential of strength and creativity that can be unearthed and unleashed. It is your challenge as a leader to see it is realised and implemented in your area of responsibility.

What I can offer you

I sit the conflicting parties down and walk them through the conflict, with empathy, clarity, and an unshakeable awareness of the particular systemic structures, dependencies and degrees of freedom.

With a conflict resolution model that actually works.

I cannot promise that at the other end there will be only winners, but I do promise that everyone will leave the scene with their heads up high – and that the involved parties, and you collectively, learn.

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