If you are looking for a coach in your role

I describe what I do as Leadership Coaching.

One reason for this is that I help you if you are in a leadership role in an organisation, in an environment that is growing more and more complex each year, or rather, each day – and at the same time you are in a very lonely place in the midst of a wilderness of mirrors.

At the centre of this work, almost invariably, is a kind of negotiation between person and role.

On the one side of this, there is the character that one happens to be, with all of its needs and values, strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears. On the other side, there is the role one has to play, with all of the demands and expectations, the obligations and burdens that come with it.

This negotiation involves reflection and introspection, as well as an empathic and disinterested mirror form the outside. Then, the solution and innovation is almost always on the relationship level with others: you have to, you want to act differently, and that is something that does not only affect yourself but equally other people around you. For this step, it takes preparation, courage, the right amount of support, and a deep breath.

If you are looking for a coach as a private person

The other reason why I choose to call what I do leadership coaching is this:

You do not have to be a leader in any formal sense.

In most of the cases where you would want to consult with an experienced coach, the underlying core issue is to fulfil your potential as a person: from dejection to confidence, from confusion to clarity, from being miserable to feeling competent and accountable, from exhaustion to exuberance.

Succeeding in this process entails a different impact not only on your own wellbeing and fulfilment, but also a distinctly different effect on others. Most likely one that is closer to one’s own intentions and values than the effect you tend to have when you are at odds with yourself. It is going from acting your shoe size to acting your age – leadership.

My understanding of this work has very little to do with illness or therapy.

Every human life is the journey of a heroine or hero.

We are faced with the challenges that point the way to where our promise lies. This is the kind of relationship that I offer you: to provide the measure of support and encouragement that you need to find and follow your very own path.

But Lo!

If you walk this path victoriously, you will be held accountable for your effect on the world around you! But isn’t that wonderful?

I myself am now an elder. My qualification for accompanying you with passion and from a distance stems from my defeats in life as much as from my victories. Above all from having learnt from each of them. That is why I can help you to take the lead.

So that you can make the difference in the world that only you can make.

We recently launched our new website 'transformative coaching'. Do feel free to pop in!

Leadership Consulting

I coach, counsel and train people whose role it implies that they lead others.
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